Boston’s local food system is supported by a range of amazing organizations and companies that are doing great work. ​We've included supporters from ​the finance sector, ​technical assistance​, community educators and more.

Incubators / Coworking Spaces / Shared Kitchens


Co-working Space/Incubator

The Branchfood co-working space is located in downtown Boston and hosts an array of food tech and food startup businesses. Access conference rooms, phone booths, fully stocked kitchens, desks, Aeron chairs, printing, mailing, wifi and a host of other physical ammenities to conduct your day to day business development. Additionally Branchfood supports your business through connections to mentors, advisors, investors, and the food community to accelerate your business development growth. Join the community of innovators transforming the future of food with Branchfood!

CommonWealth Kitchen (formerly Crop Circle Kitchen)

Co-working Space/Incubator

CommonWealth Kitchen is a collaborative community working to strengthen the local economy, particularly for people who have been impacted by racial, social, and economic inequality. We offer shared kitchens with integrated business assistance, creating and growing dynamic food-based businesses and careers.

Greentown Labs

Co-working Space/Incubator

Greentown Labs provides prototyping space, shared machine shop tools, office space and an event space. We leverage our facility, partners, and sponsors to provide our entrepreneurs access to the equipment, services, education, and network they need to launch their companies quickly.

Stock Pot Malden

Shared Kitchen Space

Stock Pot Malden is a food business incubator and venture capital company seeking to fuel regionally focused small business growth through the private sector, and to tap into and empower the rich and multicultural workforce of the community. They are creating a business incubator and hands-on training center for food entrepreneurs in the diverse city of Malden.



Convener of Food/Tech Innovators

This project is a product of Branchfood - we hope you're enjoying it!

Branchfood unites the community of innovators transforming the food system. Through classes and events, we showcase the development of new technologies and products while providing entrepreneurs with the resources they need to take their businesses to the next level.

Babson Food Sol

Co-working Space/Incubator

We think and act the same way we eat: in bite-sized pieces. Food Sol supports eater-entrepreneurs to uncover and articulate what they care most about influencing in food—and then pinpoint the next "bite-sized" action step they can take right now to make progress.
Practicing Entrepreneurial Thought and Action®, Food Sol creates spaces for dynamic, innovative thinkers to sit down together and engage in breakthrough interactions that advance practical, actionable, achievable food-system innovation.

Boston Area Sustainability Group

Education/ Information/ Networking

The BASG connects sustainability-minded individuals and organizations for learning, experience sharing, and networking to advance the practice.

City Sprouts

Local/Healthy Food Connections Building, Advocacy, Information, Education

CitySprouts introduces school gardens as a core element of children’s public school education. We partner with public schools to ensure that hands-on learning, environmental stewardship, and the experience of growing and eating food becomes part of the public education all children receive.

Compilation of Community Culinary and Nutrition Programs

Advocacy, Education

Community Culinary and Nutrition Programs bring nutrition education directly to the people who need it most: clients of emergency food programs. The programs are generally designed to help their clients create healthier meals on a tight budget, with a focus on balance, moderation and variety. These programs may also traind staff and volunteers, so they can extend these opportunities to more people. Programs may focus on Nutrition (following the USDA's guidelines for healthy eating), Healthy Cooking, Food Safety, and Food Budgeting

Food Business Association

Education, Education, Networking

Our Mission is to foster professional relationships among food business owners to help them get open, grow their business, and keep them updated on food industry topics.

FoodCorps – Massachusetts

Youth Food Education, Corps Job Opportunities

Although few people think of Massachusetts as a hotbed for agriculture, the state boasts 7,700 farms and ranks 9th among U.S. states for the total value of direct farm-to-consumer sales.

In order to aid partnership across programs and missions within the local food movement, FoodCorps Massachusetts’ service sites are clustered in the geographic regions of Boston, Cambridge, and the North Shore (Lynn and Gloucester).

The Greenhorns

Community Building: Support, Networking for Young Farmers

The Greenhorns is a non-traditional grassroots non-profit organization made up of young farmers and a diversity of collaborators. Our mission is to recruit, promote and support the new generation of young farmers. We do this by producing avant-garde programming, video, audio, web content, publications, events, and art projects that increase the odds for success and enhance the profile and social lives of America’s young farmers.

Health Care Without Harm

Sustainable Food Service Advocacy, Education, Support

Healthy Food in Health Care (HFHC) is a national initiative of Health Care Without Harm (HCWH), developed in conjunction with its member organizations. We work with hospitals across the country to help improve the sustainability of their food services. Founded in 2005, the program provides education, tools, resources, and support to health care \facilities, making the connection between the health of patients, staff and community and the food they serve.

Initiative for a Competitive Inner City

Advocacy, Programming, Food Resiliency Research

Founded in 1994 by Harvard Business School Professor Michael Porter, the Initiative for a Competitive Inner City is a nonprofit research and strategy organization and the leading authority on U.S. inner city economies and the businesses that thrive there. Food system resilience is a priority research area for ICIC.

Let's Talk About Food

Education, Public Engagement, Events

Let’s Talk About Food is a Boston-based organization that initiates, develops and fosters connectivity, literacy, education and public engagement around our food system. From sustainability to food access, cooking to obesity, and food safety to food justice, Let’s Talk About Food invites people across the spectrum to join in participatory, engaging and meaningful conversations that can shape the place food holds in our communities, our world, and our hearts.

Massachusetts Farm to School Program

Education, Distribution and Logistics, Purchasing Agreement Facilitation

We facilitate sustainable purchasing relationships between local institutions and local farms, promote local food and agriculture education for students, and support state, regional and national networking of farm to school practitioners.

Massachusetts Food Action


Advocacy for Massachusetts food innovators. Heade by the founding Executive Director of Boston Public Market & author of MA Food Innovation Trust bill.

Massachusetts Public Health Association

Education/ Information/ Advocacy, Policy Development, Coalition Leadership

The Massachusetts Public Health Association (MPHA) is the champion for public health in the Commonwealth. They are the catalyst for change, eliminating health inequities and creating healthy communities for all. MPHA is building local leaders, supporting local policy change and engaging a network of activists across the state to take action for healthy communities.


Education through Farm-Volunteer Workdays

theMOVE organizes reflective farm-volunteer workdays for diverse urban groups across Metro Boston, to connect folks hands-on with fresh food, and with the labor and land that sustain us.

New England Small Farm Institute

Sustainable Food Information, Farmer Education, Farming Information, Farmers, Consumers, Organizations

Our mission is to promote small farm development by providing information and training for aspiring, beginning and transitioning farmers. We maintain an extensive resource collection; produce publications; develop and offer innovative, farmer-guided programs; and advocate for policies that encourage sustainable small-scale agriculture. We seek collaborative program-delivery partnerships with service providers-associates, on-farm mentors, organizations and agencies-throughout the Northeast and nationwide.

New Entry Sustainable Farming Project

Access to Healthy Food, Sustainable Food Information, Farmer Education, Landowners, Farmers, Consumers, Organizations

The New Entry Sustainable Farming Project’s (New Entry) mission is to improve our local and regional food systems by training the next generation of farmers to produce food that is sustainable, nutritious, and culturally-appropriate and making this food accessible to individuals regardless of age, mobility, ethnicity, or socio-economic status. In doing this work, we provide critical training, career development, and economic opportunity to new farmers.

Northeast Organic Farming Association

Access to Healthy Food, Sustainable Food Information, Farmer Education, Landowners, Farmers, Consumers, Organizations, Community Building

NOFA/Mass is a community including farmers, gardeners, landscapers and consumers working to educate members and the general public about the benefits of local organic systems based on complete cycles, natural materials, and minimal waste for the health of individual beings, communities and the living planet.

Nourish Boston

Local/Healthy Food Connections Building, Advocacy, Information, Education

Nourish Boston connects people across socioeconomic boundaries with local, healthy food sources to improve individual and environmental health. Through classes, online tools, and outreach, we educate community members about the importance of food choices and teach skills that facilitate continued healthy living.

Project Bread

Access to Healthy Food Advocacy, Programming, Funding

By creating, funding, advocating for, and facilitating programs, we promote sustainable and reliable access to healthy food for all, invest in the strength and resiliency of local communities, anchor children’s programs in local and familiar settings, and collaborate with others to build a robust regional food system.

Southeastern Massachusetts Agricultural Partnership

Education, Information, Research, Technical Assistance

SEMAP believes that local agriculture is essential to the health and vitality of our community and our economy. Sustaining farmers and farm businesses, and expanding access to local food are at the core of our mission. We provide technical assistance to farmers, educate the community on the importance of local agriculture, work to increase the functionality of our region’s food system, and connect all people to local food.

Sustainable Business Network of Massachusetts

Advocacy, Programming, Membership Services

Launched in 1988 as the Responsible Business Alliance, the Sustainable Business Network of Massachusetts (SBN)'s mission is to build a Massachusetts economy that is local, green and fair. In September 2013, SBN celebrated 25 years of supporting and building local entrepreneurship. With over 1000 locally owned and independent businesses, affiliates and individuals participating in SBN’s projects and programs, SBN remains the leading organization of sustainable business in the state!

Trustees of the Reservation (Boston Natural Areas Network)

Land Ownership/
Development, Programming, Community Organizing

Boston Natural Areas Network, organized in 1977, works to preserve, expand and improve urban open space through community organizing, acquisition, ownership, programming, development and management of special kinds of urban land - Urban Wilds, Greenways and Community Gardens. In all of its endeavors, BNAN is guided by local citizens advocating for their open spaces and assisting them to preserve and shape their communities.

Urban Farming Institute of Boston

Access to Urban Food, Sustainble and Urban Food Information, Urban Farmer Education, Urban Farming Research and Development

UFI’s objectives are aimed to further establish itself as a thought leader in the emerging urban farming sector in Massachusetts. Our goals include:
- Train residents from Massachusetts’ urban areas to become successful urban farmers
- Acquire and prepare land for farming
- Educate community, city and state stakeholders in support of appropriate policy changes in regards to land use and urban farming practices
- Through research and development, document, map the urban farming industry and its impact on social, economic, health outcomes for both practitioners and the industry as a whole in order to create a new paradigm.

Food Media / Publications


Blog, Media Publications

BostonChefs.com is an invitation-only showcase of the area’s top chefs and their cuisine. Each restaurant and chef featured on the site is given an on-line portfolio including stunning color photos of the chef’s signature dishes, a chef bio and picture, restaurant menus, and information about the restaurant itself. In addition to their on-line portfolio, news about member restaurants and chefs is featured in our Restaurant News section and in e-licious, our weekly email newsletter.

Culture Cheese Magazine

Blog, Media Publications

Culture: the word on cheese is America's first and best mag devoted to the love of cheese. Profiles, recipes, wine, beer, and a community of readers always willing to help and chat. With every issue you will discover the flavors and textures of great cheeses. You will learn about new cheeses and cheesemakers. You will read about the stories behind the cheeses you love. You will finally have a place to turn to satisfy your passion for all things cheese.

Eater Boston


Eater is the source for people who care about dining and drinking in the nation's most important food cities. A favorite of industry pros and amateurs alike, Eater has an uncanny knack for finding out what's opening where, who's serving what, and how it's all going down.

Industry Press

Blog, Media Publications

In the restaurant industry, there are conversations to be had and stories to be told that don’t currently have a forum for discussion. We are one restaurant industry, but we lack a place to communicate with each other about the amazing things that are happening within each of our restaurant’s walls and to share our ideas openly. There is something pretty unique about the industry in Boston; there is such a strong sense of community that doesn’t exist in every industry or in every city’s restaurant industry. We’re here to embrace that and shout it from the virtual rooftops.

The Industry Press brings people in the industry together to continue these conversations and to share what we know and what we’re learning with each other.

Nosh On It

Online Recipe e-Newsletter

NoshOnIt (Nosh On It) is a free daily cooking newsletter that helps bring new ideas to your kitchen. We hunt for the best recipes from chefs and bloggers, online and offline, and deliver them right to your inbox along with an expert cooking tip.


Recommendation Advertising Platform

Socii is the world’s first recommendation advertising platform. We help brands get recommendations on social media and help consumers get value for giving them.


Public Ratings & Reviews

Urbanspoon is a leading online local restaurant guide that aggregates reviews from professional food critics, bloggers, and diners. Available online and through our popular mobile applications (for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows Phone), Urbanspoon provides info for restaurants throughout the United States, Canada, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand.

The Lunch Report

Daily Newsletter

The Lunch Report is an email newsletter of daily menu items and food truck locations near your office in five Boston neighborhoods: Back Bay, Beacon Hill, the South End, the Seaport, and the Financial District.

Government Initiatives

Boston Collaborative for Food and Fitness

Advocacy, Programming

Boston Collaborative for Food and Fitness is a city-wide partnership (Public Health Office) that is dedicated to improve community health through a comprehensive approach addressing issues related to equity in our food and fitness environments. It promotes healthy living by creating conditions for physical activity in our daily lives and addresses the disparity in accessibility to nutritious, local food. BCFF is made up of a diverse team of individuals that represent a variety of sectors including community groups, health care, government, public health, youth development.

Boston Department of Neighborhood Development

Policy, Programming, Research

The mission of the Department of Neighborhood Development is to make Boston the most livable city in the nation. DND offers research and policy analysis, as well as mapping and data services.

Boston Public Schools - Food and Nutrition Services

Food Programs for Schools

Boston Public Schools provides healthy and appealing meal choices for students. All schools serve breakfast and lunch daily. Those with after-school programs may also serve an after-school meal. All of the meals we offer meet the nutrition requirements set by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Food & Nutrition Service to support children’s healthy growth and development.

Boston Redevelopment Authority

Zoning, Permitting, Licensing Guidance

The BRA is the urban planning and economic development agency for the City of Boston. The BRA plays a far reaching role in shaping the city.

Note: The BRA is a fantastic resource for anyone who needs to navigate zoning within the City of Boston. See their guides for permitting and licensing for grocery stores, general businesses, and restaurants. (Also see the City of Boston's Restaurant Zoning Guide.) 

City of Boston Zoning Check

Zoning Search, Guidance

Zoning regulations can be complex. ZoningCheck simplifies the site selection process by showing you where your business is permitted.

Cambridge Food & Sanitary Permits Guidance Site

Zoning, Permitting, Licensing Guidance

Navigating the process of obtaining the necessary permits for a new food business can be difficult. This site is the City of Cambridge's guide to help you out.

Food Truck Committee

Food Truck Policy, Permitting, and Strategy

The City of Boston is encouraging the growth of our local food truck movement by amending the City Code to streamline and expedite the permitting process and make it easier for entrepreneurs to launch their businesses. The Food Truck Committee, coordinated through the Mayor's Office of Food Initiatives, is responsible for food truck policy, permitting, and strategy in Boston.

Fresh Food Boston


Fresh Food Boston is a photo compilation aimed at helping Boston Youth find, share, and rate the healthiest food in the city. Users send in their photos of healthy, affordable, local food, then other users can use the photos and the maps of where all photos were taken to make informed, healthy, and economical decisions about their food access options. The project is a collaboration between the Office of Food Initiatives, the Mayor’s Office of New Urban Mechanics, the Mayor’s Youth Council, and MIT’s Department of Urban Studies

Healthy Food on a Budget Blog

Nutrition/Diet Tips

Monitored by a registered dietition with the Boston Public Health Commission, this blog is open to discussing economical ways to save on food purchasing while maintaining a healthy diet.  We offer tips on saving at the grocery store, simple cooking tips to save time and energy as well as quick and easy recipes for the whole family. We hope to share ideas for cost saving to ease us through these tough economic times, but not sacrifice the enjoyment of healthy eating.

The registered dietitian will respond to your concerns to assist you maintain healthy eating  even on a tight budget.  We encourage you to post questions and share your tips.

Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources

Programming, Technical Assistance, Regulation

The Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources’ (MDAR) mission is to ensure the long-term viability of agriculture in Massachusetts. Through its four divisions – Agricultural Conservation & Technical Assistance, Agricultural Markets, Animal Health, and Crop and Pest Services – MDAR strives to support, regulate and enhance the rich diversity of the Commonwealth’s agricultural community to promote economically and environmentally sound food safety and animal health measures, and fulfill agriculture’s role in energy conservation and production.

See also their MassGrown site.

Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (Child Nutrition Outreach Program/CNOP)

Education, Information, Programming

The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education participates in the Boston food system by interfacing with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and providing guidance and programming on food distribution, health, and nutrition. This department also hosts the Child Nutrition Outreach Program (http://meals4kids.org/).

Massachusetts Department of Fish and Game

Fisheries, Fishing, and Wildlife Administration and Programming

The Department of Fish & Game works to preserve the state's natural resources and people's right to conservation of those resources, as protected by Article 97 of the Massachusetts Constitution.To carry out this mission, the Department exercises responsibility over the Commonwealth's marine and freshwater fisheries, wildlife species, plants, and natural communities, as well as the habitats that support them.

Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (Child Nutrition Outreach Program/CNOP)

Education, Information, Programming

The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education participates in the Boston food system by interfacing with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and providing guidance and programming on food distribution, health, and nutrition. This department also hosts the Child Nutrition Outreach Program (http://meals4kids.org/).

City of Boston Mayor's Office of Food Initiatives

Programming / Initiative Development and Support

- Increase access to healthy and affordable food in schools, farmers markets, and stores, educate the public about healthy choices, and promote food benefits to reduce hunger and obesity
- Expand Boston’s capacity to produce, distribute and consume local food through urban agriculture and distribution models to supply schools and local businesses
- Build a strong local food economy through financing and supporting local food retail and distribution businesses
- Expand private and public partnerships to advance the food agenda.

Massachusetts Food Policy Council

Programming, Advocacy, Policy

The Massachusetts Food Policy Council is a 17-member council whose purpose is to develop and promote programs that deliver healthy MA grown foods to MA residents through:
- Targeted subsidies
- Increased state purchasing of local products for school, summer meals and other child / adult care programs
- Double coupon initiatives
- Direct market subsidies to communities with identified needs
- Increased institutional purchases of MA grown foods and other programs to make access to healthy MA products affordable

Consulting / Business Services

Boston Food and Farm

Local Food Production Consulting

Boston Food & Farm (BF2) is a social impact consulting group that creates successful local food projects that are integrated within local communities.


Farmer Consulting - Product-Specific Price Optimization, Inventory Management, Sales Channel Analysis, End-of-Season Product Profitability Analysis.

We’re problem-solvers and technologists dedicated to strengthening local, sustainable food systems.

Sustainability is about much more than how food is grown… it’s also about economic sustainability. Is it profitable for the farmer entrepreneur, can they pay their workers a living wage, and, ultimately, can the system be self-sustaining?

We’ll be working on the economic sustainability of local food systems in New England during the 2014 growing season.

Garden Girls

Garden Design, Development, and Maintenance

Garden Girls designs, services and maintains beautiful gardens. They service residential and commercial contracts for indoor and outdoor gardening.

Good Egg Marketing

Marketing Consulting

What's Your Story?
Your story (how and why you do what you do) attracts people and makes them want to stick with you.
Good Egg Marketing helps farms, small businesses and nonprofits find the right niche, increase sales, and build relationships with customers.

Julia Shanks Food Consulting

Restaurant Consulting, Financial Accounting, Financial Analysis, Business Development, Seminars and Workshops

Julia Shanks Food Consulting works with food-focused businesses to help them reach financial sustainability. We believe that business owners need to manage with the numbers – plan, measure, and adapt – in order to maximize profitability and succeed. By starting with the numbers, we help businesses to streamline operations and maximize profits. Whether writing business plans or developing new menus, we work with our clients to ensure success! How can we help you?

Jute Marketing

Marketing Consulting for Food Businesses

Jute Marketing launches and grows brands committed to healthy, natural living. Whether your goal is to create brand awareness, increase sales, or build a loyal community following, Jute Marketing develops and manages integrated marketing programs that are targeted, efficient, and spot on.

Land for Good

Direct Farmer Education and Consulting, Policy Advocacy

Welcome to Land For Good. Let's work together to get more farmers on more land in New England and beyond. Entire communities will benefit from increased farming opportunity, healthy lands and a more secure food supply. We hope our work inspires you. Get in touch!

Legal Services Food Hub

Free Legal Services

Conservation Law Foundation (CLF) manages the Legal Services Food Hub to help farmers, food entrepreneurs, and related organizations access free legal assistance for their transactional legal needs, such as land acquisition/transfer, estate issues, taxes, contracts, and corporate formation, among others.

Klavens Law Group

Legal Services

Boston-based law firm focused on serving clients engaged in sustainable agriculture & food ventures, clean energy projects, clean technology, resource recovery, and social enterprise.  We take great pleasure in representing farmers, food entrepreneurs and sustainable food system supporters who are starting, building or operating for-profit businesses, nonprofit ventures, cooperatives, investment funds and other enterprises.  We provide a wide range of legal services to our clients with expertise in entity formation, financing, real estate, land use, commercial agreements, and regulatory compliance.

Northbound Ventures

Strategic Guidance, Stakeholder Engagement, Operational Analysis, and Program Design for Sustainability Performance Enhancement, Food Sourcing Practices

We provide insights, strategic planning, facilitation, and analysis to organizations within the food, energy, water, waste and wellness nexus.

Quality Support Group

Food Safety Consulting, Food Quality Training

QSG’s goal is to provide expertise in food safety consulting and food quality training on a national and international basis. We achieve this goal by offering consulting, auditing, and training programs. We are experienced with products such as bakery & cereals, beverages, deli, dairy, fats & oils, flavors, meat & poultry, prepared foods, produce, seafood and snacks, spices & condiments.

Investors / Funders

Accion USA New England

Loans and Financial Education

Accion is different from a bank or credit union. Accion is a microfinance organization that lends with the mission of empowering business owners with access to working capital and financial education. We are a recognized leader in small business lending, and a partner you can trust.Accion offers business loans up to $50,000 and financial education throughout the United States. Since 1991, we have specialized in working with small business owners who cannot borrow from the bank due to business type, a short length of time in business, or an insufficient credit history.

The Carrot Project

Loan Programs (for Technical Assistance), Research and Information Sharing

The Carrot Project fosters a sustainable, diverse food system by supporting small and midsized farms and farm-related businesses through expanding accessible financing and increasing farm operations’ ability to use it to build successful, ecologically and financially sustainable, businesses.

Centerman Capital

Strategic Growth Capital, CEO/CFO Advisory Services

Centerman Capital was founded in November 2012 to provide strategic growth capital and CEO/CFO advisory services for fast-growing, early stage companies. We take pride in our unique approach of offering targeted capital investments coupled with hands-on support to accelerate growth.

Coastal Enterprises Inc.

Funding, Development, Financing

CEI, one of the nation’s premier rural Community Development Corporations (CDCs) and Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs), specializes in rural business funding, development and financing. Founded in 1977 in Wiscasset, Maine, we create economically and environmentally healthy communities in which all people, especially those with low incomes, can reach their full potential.

Common Capital

Financing, Business Assistance Consultation

Common Capital is a non-profit organization that is committed to a thriving local economy in order to create positive social and community impacts.  We align capital and other resources to community needs and opportunities.  We accomplish this by providing financing and business assistance consultation to small businesses and high-impact community projects.  A community loan fund can be a driver for creating a local, sustainable economy that offers a foundation for a better quality of life.

Edible Ventures

Food Product Venture Capital

We invest in high growth food and beverage companies led by highly motivated, talented and relentless entrepreneurs. We will consider investing in technology companies that are focused on enabling food and beverage brands, manufacturers, distributors and retailers. We are only interested in opportunities that are aimed at exit transactions within 5-7 years.

Fair Food Fund

Funding/Investing, Business Assistance

Fair Food Fund is a new impact capital fund from Fair Food Network that is fueling entrepreneurship in the food system by supporting businesses that connect farmers with the growing demand for local, sustainably grown food. Through financing and business assistance, we invest in enterprises building a robust regional food infrastructure. We believe such investments will support the long-term viability of small and mid-scale farms and spur economic activity while increasing access to healthy food, especially in our most underserved communities.

Franklin County Community Development Corporation

Business Assistance, Lending, Properties/Processing Access

The Franklin County CDC provides an opportunity for business owners to build their capacity to make sound decisions that will launch or grow their businesses. Since 1979, we've been growing sustainable businesses and communities by providing professional guidance and support with business development programs through business training & counseling, business lending, commercial properties, and the Western Mass Food Processing Center.

Fresh Source Capital

Debt and Royalty Financing Options

Fresh Source Capital is a Cambridge, MA based investment firm focused on sustainable food and agriculture.  Our mission is to invest in companies that are rebuilding local, regional food systems.  We provide debt and royalty financing options to growth-stage companies with a focus on the Northeast region.  We consider all food related businesses, including fisheries and urban agriculture.

Honeybee Capital

Financial Consulting

We provide long-term, thematic research, focused on topics that lead to resilient, regenerative, profitable investing activity. Fields where we gather ideas include behavioral finance, impact investing, and complexity science, and we have a particular interest in applying the principles of biomimicry to investing.

The Kendall Foundation

Grant Funding

Our goal: to create a resilient and healthy food system in New England that increases the production and consumption of local, sustainably produced food.

Massachusetts Growth Capital Corporation

Working Capital Funds, Loan Guarrantees, Technical Assistance

The Mission of the Massachusetts Growth Capital Corporation is to create and preserve jobs at small businesses, women and minority owned businesses, and to promote economic development in underserved, gateway municipalities and low and moderate income communities. MGCC provides a centralized resource at the state level that offers working capital, loan guarantees, and targeted technical assistance to solve specific financial and operational problems.  MGCC will provide 50% of the cost of such assistance while the company being assisted will invest the other 50%.

Mass Innovation Nights - MINFoodie

Startup Pitch Nights

Our mission is to help local entrepreneurs get more visibility for their new products. We want to connect members of the local innovation community. Every month ten companies bring new products to the event and the social media community turns out to blog, tweet, post pictures and video, add product mentions to LinkedIn and Facebook statuses, and otherwise help spread the word. MINFoodie sessions, focused specifically on food startups, take place ~ every six months - check our site to find out when the next Foodie night will be taking place.

Next Street

Research, Financing

Next Street’s mission is to transform the way that finance and business advisory services are provided to small companies and nonprofit \ organizations in urban markets.

Pioneer Valley Grows

Networking, Collaboration, Agriculture Finance, Partnership Development

PVGrows is a collaborative network dedicated to enhancing the ecological and economic sustainability and vitality of the Pioneer Valley food system. PVGrows provides space for stakeholders to connect, share, and match goals and expertise to promote the growth of our food system. From agriculture finance to policy formulation, from Farm to School to job creation and improved access to good nutrition, PVGrows helps partners build on each others’ strengths to effectively support a diverse and viable local food system.

Restaurant Investment Group

Restaurant Funding Capital

The Restaurant Investment Group was founded by industry leaders and service providers who identified inefficiencies in how chefs craft, fundraise for, and open Greater Boston’s hottest chef-driven restaurants. We offer a novel concept for the industry, providing chefs/owners with capital, service providers, and experience; providing investors with diversification and transparency; and providing landlords and communities with the desired, interesting, and independent chef-operated restaurants.

The Sustainability Group

Financial Planning

Given the choice, wouldn’t you rather invest your money in a way that could make a positive difference in the lives of people and the sustainability of our planet?

The Sustainability Group offers wealthy individuals and families the opportunity to do just that. We work with our clients to promote human dignity and fully participate in the creation of a sustainable world by choosing investments that best reflect their individual values as well as meet their financial objectives.

Wholesome Wave

Equitable Food System Programs, Funding

Wholesome Wave’s mission is to empower people in underserved urban and rural communities to make healthier food choices by increasing affordability and access to fresh, locally grown food in ways that generate significant impact on local economies.

The goal of this resource is for it to be helpful for a range of participants in the local food system. We want to hear from you!

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